How to invest in stocks for beginners who want to invest in stocks online

Contemporary, profitable and easy to do, the reason for investing is becoming the prima donna among Millennial and Z generations today.

Coupled with the presence of various online applications that provide access to playing investments online, making investment enthusiasts higher. And of the various assets currently available, it can be said that stocks are the favorite investment.

Becoming very popular lately, stock investing is no longer a long-term savings, but many people have used it as a business or stock trading.

Well, the popularity of stocks as an investment vehicle is of course influenced by several things, one of which is of course the potential for big gains, and many times over. However, hitting a big win while playing the stock doesn’t seem to be as long as it’s quite difficult.

Would you like to try investing in stocks?

How to invest in stocks for beginners

For those who want to try investing in stocks, there are two ways to invest in stocks, namely online stock investing and stock investing in securities companies. How to invest in stocks for both:

How to start investing in stocks online

Online stock investing is the most popular way to invest in stocks today. Here are the steps:

1. Preparation of personal documents

Personal documents that need to be prepared are:

  • ID card: KTP/KITAS/Passport, ID card is a mandatory requirement for those wishing to open a stock account. An identity card is mandatory for Indonesian citizens and cannot be substituted with a SIM card or passport. The KITAS/passport obligation now also applies to foreigners.
  • The TIN is also mandatory when opening a securities account. If you do not have an NPWP, you can request a letter from the investment firm with which you register your account to provide a declaration that you do not have an NPWP signed for stamp duty.
  • A passbook cover is also one of the requirements. The presence of a passbook cover makes it easier for securities to check customers’ bank accounts. If the customer later wants to withdraw funds from the stock account, that account will be the holding bank every time he withdraws funds. You can also integrate your bank account with an RDI by consulting a broker.
  • No KSEI identity, this requirement only applies if you already have a stock account and wish to open a second account.
  • In the case of housewives, a copy of the husband’s identity card, a photocopy of the husband’s TIN and a photocopy of the family card are usually also to be attached.
  • Stamp Rp 6,000, can also provide money to purchase stamps. The required gasket is between 2-8 gaskets depending on your needs.

2. Determine the online securities company you want

Next, you need to choose an online stock company. Investment firms act as securities trading intermediaries and are responsible for 2 things, namely:

Carrying out securities buying and selling activities for own or third-party interests.
Stocks and bonds are bought and sold on the stock exchange or over the counter.

3. Complete the online stock investment registration form provided

Complete account opening forms including stock accounts and investor fund accounts. Filling out the form is similar to opening an account at a bank. Complete each field on the account opening form correctly.

Do not forget to also attach the requirements for opening an account in the form of a collection of personal documents as described in the points above.

4. Opening of RDI (Investor Fund Account)

After completing the share account opening form. You also fill out another form to open an RDI (Investor Fund Account). RDI is an account of your money deposited with a bank, separate from a securities company account.

The main function of RDI is that you have your own bank account for all stock transaction settlements. This RDI itself is designed to store client funds that are not purchased shares.

5. Wait for the account opening process to complete

The length of this account opening depends on the chosen RDI. The account opening process usually takes about a week. After the account opening process is completed, investors will be confirmed with the opened RDI number.

6. Download the trust

After receiving your ID, password and PIN, you can start investing in stocks. You can download the trading application provided by the broker either in the AppStore or PlayStore or directly from the broker’s website where you registered to open a stock account.

7. Enter the initial deposit

The initial deposit is deposited when the RDI opening process is complete. Making an initial deposit also aims to activate the stock account you have opened. You can deposit cash or transfer from your personal account to RDI.

Here are the steps:

  • Prepare funds from savings and deposit them to your RDN number.
  • Deposits can be transferred via ATM, mobile banking or internet banking.
  • Wait a while after transferring to RDN.
  • Then check the incoming funds in the installed online trading application.

After making the first deposit, all you have to do is wait for your ID, password and PIN to be sent to log into your online stock account. You will also receive a KSEI access card.

8. You can start buying and selling shares

The minimum purchase of shares is 1 lot. Buying 1 lot of shares is equivalent to buying 100 shares. Likewise when selling shares. Shares are sold at a minimum of 1 lot.

Each transaction to buy and sell Shares is subject to a transaction fee in accordance with the policies of the relevant securities firm. Stocks in the IDX have different prices. The price reflects the value of the company.

9. Order shares online

After a successful stock transaction, you can change the buy price or sell price of the stock. In the online stocks application, this feature is available when trading stocks.

If the position you placed does not occur, you can see the available positions in the market at that time. After that, you can change the price according to capital market conditions.

10. Settlement of transactions for the purchase and sale of Shares

For stock transactions, settlement can occur two days after the transaction. The price corresponds to the transactions made two days before. If you don’t make a statement within the given period, you will be fined 45 percent per year.

If you want a successful stock investment, you must have knowledge of Internet technology

Almost 100% of the entire stock investment process is done online. If you want to know how to invest in stocks properly, first learn how to properly use an online stock investing/trading application. Much luck!

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