Best Monopoly Property Cards

The “Monopoly” property cards are great for players who are interested in purchasing properties, especially if you know that the players will have a harder time making their own. But, even though there is less variety on these cards, they can still be used with some success.

How to right Play Monoply

There are three basic properties that are required to build houses and shops in each level of the game. They are your home, your land and your buildings. These are the basic items that make up your property. You may choose to get some of these as special “Monopoly” property cards. Here’s how to select which of them to get.

Massachusetts Avenuety

The Most common property card in this series is the house. You may only choose one, but it can make for some great play. The house has four rooms, two bathrooms, a dining room and a kitchen. The house will offer some protection against wild animals and it will also provide shelter for the people that live in it.

Oriental Avenue

The next is the land card. This is where you will put your buildings. The land can include a barn, a store, a house, a garage, an office and a school. Most of the times, you can also purchase the property cards that will help you gain more land.

Vermont Avenue

After the land, you can select one or two bathrooms. Your bathroom is often referred to as your “dining room.” It can either be for eating out in restaurants or for eating at your own home, when you want.

Connecticut Avenue

Then you will select a town hall and a bank. A town hall will allow you to make use of certain items on your property, such as your mailbox and a bank will let you buy property cards that will be used to get money from the other players in the game.

St. Charles Place (no longer in Atlantic City)

Another good option for buying property cards in the series of “Monopoly” is by using the cards that have been designed to show you where you can get more properties in the game. Some of these cards have the list of properties available, allowing you to choose a specific property before you buy one.

Maryland Avenue

To conclude, you can choose a house, land and a bank and several other properties in the series of “Monopoly” property cards to buy. But, there are also some that will give you options to play the game without having all of them in your deck. They will allow you to use a specific property and save some of the others to be used later.

Tennessee Avenue

In addition to the cards that are used in the game to play, there are also many that are available for playing online. There are also a number of strategies that can be used in the games for both online and offline play. This will also give you some idea of the overall strategy that you need to follow to improve your chances of winning the game.

Although this game has a number of rules, they are simple to understand for new players. The rules of the game make it very easy to understand and that is why the game is very popular. with children.

There are also different types of cards available for playing with the game. Some of them will allow you to play with the basic set of properties, while others will give you the option to play with many different types of properties. When you play the games, the basic cards are used to help you get a feel for how the game works.

Once you have the basics, it is time to move on to the more advanced games that can help you increase your chances of winning the game. There are cards that will help you acquire additional properties or play the advanced games and still others that will help you win if you are playing against other players.

You can get a lot of fun out of playing the online version of this game. It is a great way to relax with family and friends and even with people that you do not know.

Mediterranean Avenue

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Baltic Avenue

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States Avenue

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St. James Place

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Arctic Avenue

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Virginia Avenue

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New York Avenue

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New Jersey Avenue

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Kentucky Avenue

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Indiana Avenue

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Illinois Avenue

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Michigan Avenue

Atlantic Avenue

Ventnor Avenue

Marvin Gardens

California Avenue

Pacific Avenue

South Carolina Avenue

North Carolina Avenue

Pennsylvania Avenue

Florida Avenue

Park Place


The Four Railroads

Electric Company

Water Works

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