Most Popular Excel Add-Ins Mac to Make Your Job Easier

How to make your lives and your work with spreadsheet easier? Excel add-ins mac will make excel user just easier finishing their job their lives and most easier all off work.

Most of add-ins will boost your productivity and make your spreadsheet look snazzy. And add-ins will your business grow up and effective for data analyzing using excel.

So, you will know how much excel add-ins mac will improve your job, and make your lives easier with excel add-ins. This is all free.

Excel Add-Ins For Improve Productivity

These is top 5 excel add-ins for more productivity :

This good for more organized, productivity and all crush all your business goals.

  • Macabacus excel add-ins

Mobacus is powerful and better suites for those in finance. Important feature of mobacus for finance

  • Duplicate Finder and deleter excel add-ins

Duplicate finder and deleter is excel add-ins mac will help you to save time to find duplicate spreadsheet and delete automatically

  • Mail excel add-ins mac

Using this is mail add-in to help you send spreadsheet for all or send bits and pieces

  • ASAP Utilities excel add-ins

ASAP Utilities will help you to save more times. This excel add-ins give you more shortcuts for excel.

ASAP utilities add-ins for excel
ASAP utilities add-ins for excel

Excel Add-Ins For Visuals Decorative

Visually enliven your excel for organized and easy understand your chart spreadsheet. Here’s excel add-ins mac to jazz up your chart.

  • Chart Labeler excel add-ins

    Enliven your chart with beautiful labeling. This is excel add-ins mac the best way to make your chart labeler with easy.

  • Bing Maps excel add-ins

    Visualize your data chart with excel Add-ins Bing Maps.

  • Pickit Free Images excel add-ins

    This is add-ins will help you to insert images on your spreadsheet.

  • Web Video Player excel add-ins

    Web Video Player add-in for excel help for reader needed include video on their spreadsheet

  • Geographic Heat Map excel add-ins

    This is add-ins help to organized part of the world using different colors. With Geographic Heat Map add-in user will easy to understanding everything.

  • Merge a Few Tables excel add-ins

    Use this add-ins for merge a few of tables. It is add-ins will help you.

  • Colorizer excel add-ins

    Design Tables with adding some color will help to organized excel tables, make it is easy by using Colorizer excel add-ins mac.

Excel Colorizer add-in
Excel Colorizer add-in

Excel Add-In Mac For Custom Charts

How to Create unique charts not found in Excel with add-ins Mac?

These add-ins to make standard chart go to chart for next beautiful level. you can custom gannt chart with this is add-in.

  • Radial Chart excel add-ins

    Using this add-ins, you can present data with interesting visually. If you create pie chart, you can customize with radial bar chart to make visually interesting.

  • Bubble-style charts excel add-ins

    Using bubble-style charts will make your decorative style charts. Use it is add-ins for free.

  • HierView excel add-ins

    Customize your organizational chart with HierView Add-In. This is simple way to make your organizational chart look beautiful.

  • Gauge Maker excel add-ins

    If you want to visualize your chart, like a speedometer use this is add-ins to make it.

Gauge Meter Add-ins For Excel Mac

Excel Add-in for Study

Make your spreadsheet more efficiently and good presentations with add-ins excel mac.

  • Quick Notes excel add-ins

Use quick notes add-in to booster your work, with this is add-ins you not to leave your workspace to look your note.

  • Flash Card Assistant excel add-ins

    Flash card assistant help to create flashcard for study, easy to access, edit and share.

  • Excel Training and Tips excel add-ins

    Grow up your excel skills with free excel training and Tips add-in. Learn more functions, formula and more tips for spreadsheet.

  • Mind Map excel add-ins

    This add-in is to make easier organizing big of data. Use this is Mind Map add-in to make your work easy.

  • Lucid Chart excel add-ins

    To make data easier to understanding for audience, So use Lucid Chart add-in to representation your chart.

  • GIGRAPH Network Visualization excel add-ins

Using GIGRAPH Network Visualization excel add-in mac to help you understanding complex topic and large data.

GIGRAPH Network Visualization add-in
GIGRAPH Network Visualization add-in

Excel Add-in to Manage and simplify finances

This sub showing of excel add-ins for managing finances less difficult.

  • Financial Reporting Add-in Excel

    How to simplifying finance report using excel? You just use excel add-in financial reporting.

  • Checkbook Assistant

    This is add-in design to manage checkbook, this is will assist you to manage your checkbook.

  • Data analyzer tools

    Add-ins excel for trading strategies. Before you make a decision for actual trade, you can build and test your trading strategies.

  • Analyzer XL add-in

    Analyzer xl excel add-in can help you to build trade system analysis.

  • Analyst Financial analysis excel add-in

    This excel add-in is functionate to simplifies calculations. Like simplifies weighted average cost of capital and more.

  • Portfolio Optimizer add-in

    To help your portfolio, you can use this excel add-in to optimize your portfolio.

  • Data Download Tools

    If you want to download price data, use this add-in.

  • Loan Assistant Add-In

    How to simplify a loan work? don’t worry, this loan assistant will help you to understanding the process loan work.

  • Currency Conversion add-in

    Enjoy convert different currencies with this add-in for excel.

Professor Excel Currency Converter add-in
Professor Excel Currency Converter add-in