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Free Packing Slip Template

Make easy you customer with a handy packing slip, create this with this excel packing slip template. Download and easy editable.

This packing slip template was designed with corresponding document for sales invoice template. To indicated the amount of goods in box or container, you should usually include packing slip for every shipment. Other wise, the packing slip use for indicating of goods was ordered but them not shipped. This packing slip practice in business, but the packing slip is not a legal necessary, but to minimize mistaken, use packing slip to easy communication with your customer.

Packing Slip Template

Download this packing slip and easy to editable for your business. Don’t forget to edit your company name and the data needed for your packing slip.

This packing slip template create with ms excel 2017.

packing slip
Packing Slip Template Excel 2007

Click this link to DOWNLOAD packing slip template in excel 2007.

Using Packing Slip Template in Business

Many business owners find it a tedious task to create invoices using the standard template provided by some invoice making software. However, with Packing Slip template in Business, customization can be easily achieved. The template is not only easy to create, but also easy to customize. As a result, more business owners are opting for this template over the standard invoice software because it is fast and convenient to use.

The template is a Pak Format that is easy to use and modify. To add personal notes and customize the design of the invoice, users need not worry as they can easily do so using the template. In fact, using Packing Slip Template in Business, one can add his personal notes, such as the price of the product, customer contact information, contact numbers, address, etc. which he wants to provide in his invoice. Most customization can be done on the “settings” tab, which is usually contained within the template itself.

Another thing that can be customized is the payment option. This can be done either on an option by option basis or as a preset option. In either case, it is a good idea to check with the client whether he would want a certain mode for his invoice. If the client does not wish to have a preset mode, one can easily choose a preset mode on his own, provided that there are no errors or any other problems.

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